Meridens Multi-services supports the transport of all your imports and exports regardless of goods, shipping and destination locations.

Thanks to our network of partners and our international presence, we offer a range of multimodal transport solutions incorporating customs clearance operations. Thanks to our cross-channel expertise, we manage all your BtoB and BtoC flows, for professionals or individuals.

Good Plan for your Shipping

Today, transporting its property from one country to another is a real headache, in addition to a concern for trust and the possibility of fines, delays in documents and the like. Thanks to its networks throughout the world, Méridiens Multi-Services takes care of everything to ensure the safe transport of your merchandise by sea and at a lower cost.

  • Perform the booking of wharf and harbor station
  • Organize pilots, gliders, dockers, carriers and tugboats if necessary
  • Prevent and inform Border Police and Customs of any movement
  • Advance payment of various taxes
  • Assist the boat in several tasks like: refueling, diesel, spare parts etc ... or technical assistance on repairs and logistics of merchandise
  • Ensure embarkation and disembarkation of merchandise